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NodeJS Object Database

Making Cowboy Coding Work
Cowboy Coding means assigning a task to a programmer and let him analyze, design and code it the way he wants. The programmer is usually alone and has little communication with rest of the team. So if you are coding this way, this means you have a team of independent programmers. And this is usually referenced as a bad practice of software development because it looks like you have no methodology and no control over what is being developed. And if you have inexperienced programmers, it is mostly likely that some parts of the code will fail. It is also expected that you will have difficulties in controlling and frequently releasing your code as Agile Methodology dictates.All true and I cannot agree more. But this needs to be discussed, and I think this is still an option in case you have a good team.
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LAB : HTTP based Object Database (nodejs_objectdb)
HTTP based Object Database. Contribute to nodejs_objectdb development by creating an account on GitHub.
New blog up and running on experimental inhouse blog engine
I am glad to finally have a blog that does what I exactly need. I hope you like it too. This is a blog where I will be sharing some articles about Information Systems and Software. This blog is custom developed very quickly in less than 2 days to meet some basic requirements mainly using ASP.NET C# and XML with no DB behind. For those who are interested, soon I will be sharing its code publicly in a downloads area. For the moment, this blog supports following features :
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Behind the scenes of Direct Sales
A brief IT perspective for those who wonder how it all works.You must have heard of companies like Avon, Amway, Herbalife, Oriflame and NuSkin many times by now. Or maybe you have even met or seen one of their distributors/consultants around your neighborhood, at work or at a party. These companies together generate billions of dollors worth of business each year. Despite the pyramid scheme critisms, these companies make a lot of people happy too. Actually, their distributors/consultants does just like what a typical sales team does. They SELL. And if they sell well, they can make considerable amounts of income.
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MySpace Story : A Lesson For All
Not too long ago, in 2005, MySpace was sold to News Corp for $580m. A few years later, in 2007, MySpace was a giant with over 100 million users and a market value of $12bn. 6 years later, just a couple months ago, News Corp sold MySpace for $35m. I can't keep myself wondering how and what actually led this giant to such a failure, what was the story behind this failure?
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Picking Automation in Order Fulfillment
If you are processing high volumes of orders in your warehouse, you are probably also using too many pickers to pick and pack the orders you get. Humans are not robots, so we make mistakes. This is also valid for your pickers too. But there are ways to reduce the number of mistakes they make while picking. In this article I will try to cover some of the most common techniques that can be used to increase your picking performance and accuracy.
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